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Winter, The perfect Time To Learn Flower Design

Are you like many of us after the New Year, who set a ‘New Year’s Resolution?’ If you are, why not set your sights on learning the Art of Flower Design?

Often times the end of the holiday season can be a bit depressing, so I suggest brightening up your day with flowers! Not only will this give you a fun, cheery new hobby, you can turn this art into a career as well. Our Winter Semester in San Diego has just started and will finish just in time for our students to ‘wow’ their friends this Valentine’s Day.

The San Diego School of Flower Design offers several enrollment options. You can ‘dip your toe in the water’ with a 1 day Sampler class or jump right in with the full 4 week Design Star Complete Semester. There is also a 4 day course offered as well. Classes in San Diego are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoons and evenings during each week of the semester. For additional details and information, call: 1-877-322-5666 today.