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Flower Design Tip of the Day

Ever wonder if the flower food packets you get with your flowers at the supermarket really work?

The flower food packets are used to ‘extend the life’ of your flower arrangement…Well, first we should think about what is killing the flowers in the first place.


Before you mess around with those messy packets of flower ‘food’, I would encourage you to keep the water clean and change it every 2 days or so….this will extend the life of your flowers with out messing around with the packets. Flowers are like our bodies and do the best when hydrated with clean fresh water….when changing your water on a regular basis, you are cutting down on the environment that bacteria grows best in.

At the American Schools of Flower Design, we instruct our students to add 1-2 DROPS of household bleach into the water of their arrangements to take care of any pesky bacteria that insists on polluting your water.

So as a recap of the design tip of the day….

1. Change your flower’s water regularly
2. Add 1-2 Drops of household bleach
3. ENJOY!!

Online Videos

Just a friendly reminder that if our in class schedules do not work with your personal schedule…we offer several online videos for your viewing pleasure at your own convenience. Check them out!!

Art-In-Bloom 2014

The San Diego School of Flower Design’s Instructor, Kim Rivas, was at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park this last weekend doing flower design demonstrations at their annual Art-In-Bloom event. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend this event in the past, you should mark it on your calendar for next summer!! Local artists have many art pieces, paired with beautiful flower designs, on display for the public’s viewing pleasure and purchase. Things offered at the Art-In-Bloom include: Live Music, Art Galleries with a wide variety of art, Food and Drink booths, flower and art demonstrations through out the day and the best part is…..ITS FREE!!!